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Having spent a lifetime in tourism, we have a great appreciation for any and all aspects of it! We have seen some incredible things in places where tourism is the main focus and explored far reaches to find things that are not in guide books. We worked hard to create what Barefoot Panama Tours has become, building a solid foundation and running quality tours everyday.. but, for tourism to really work it must be on a 'community' scale where we can all work together to provide visitors to this wonderful country the experience they are looking for. This page is dedicated to smaller tourism businesses, start ups, and people we like, doing what we love!

*BarefootPanama does not accept responsibility for your experience as you will book directly with them.

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La Vista - Dining Experience.

The Most Exclusive Dining Experience in Panama City

la vista restaurant panama
Cruise the waters at the beginning of the Panama Canal on our Private Chartered Ferry to the Historic Island of Taboga, with complementary Champagne. Be delighted with a 6 Course World Flavors dinner by our World Class Chef, all while enjoying the beautiful sounds of Alex Antonio at La Vista, an elegant restaurant set on the hills with an amazing view of Panama City with only 28 guests per dinner. Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays *$150pp

1/2 Day, 'Monkey Island' Only Tour.

Pressed for time and want to see some wildlife.. this 4 hour option might be right up your alley! Leave early for best results, but an evening tour can also be nice. It takes about 1 hour to reach the dock and we will take you out onto Lake Gatun and the Panama Canal to the best area for wildlife viewing for a 2 hour tour and then return (±7am - 11am or ±3-7pm) *price depends on group siz

monkey island tour 1/2 day

GET LOST . . in Paradise

Panama's islands - get lost in paradise.
Located in the Gulf of Chiriqui is a humble little slice of heaven! Personally my favorite part of Panama, usually reserved for high priced fishing trips.. Geoff has created a very affordable option to really enjoy this area for what it is.. an incredibly beautiful natural playground! Let him sail you away from the mainland to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of this amazing part of Panama. Snorkel, SUP, surf, fish or just work on your tan. Packages/Costs vary.. but if you have the time and REALLY want to see a special part of Panama, let us put you in touch with him!

Pineapple Plantation Tour

Only an hour from the hustle and bustle of the big city you will find aa 500+ acre pineapple plantation with the #1 sweetest pineapples in the world! You will see the entire process from planting, harvesting, and packaging as well as sample fresh pineapple and pineapple juice at the main house located overlooking the farm’s beautiful scenery. Wednesday only, *$45pp or any day for groups of 10+

pinapple plantation tour in panama

Come Sail Away ...

sailing in the gulf of chiriqui

One of the more popular sailing options is on the MegaCatamaran. This 80 foot Cat is fully 'kitted out'' to provide the ultimate sailing experience! Choose from a 2 hour sunset sail with open bar (Wednesday only), a 6 hour all inclusive day tour to Taboga Island (Thur., Sat., Sun.) and on occasion, there might even be an option to take a 1 hour Ferry Ride to Saboga Island where the Mega-Catamaran we will be waiting for you to sail around the islands (great for whale watching!) *price depends on the tour.

This and other smaller sail boats are available for private charters as well!

Small Boat Tour Options

Whether you just want a different view of the city or you want to explore the bay and canal, get closer to Isla Taboga and other near by islands or sneak in a few hours of fishing, this small boat rental might be for you! We can set you up with Captain and small boat to explore these options ranging from 1.5 hours to a 1/2 day depending on what you want to do. If you have done other tours on the mainland, you have a few hours to kill and/or have a love for the sea, this might be worth checking out! *price depends on the tour

small boat tours panama

Rock Climbing, Rappelling and more ... oh my

rock climbing and rappelling tour in panama
If the thrill of scaling vertical and slab facing rock excites you, then choose this opportunity to ascend to new heights in the jungles of Chame, Panama! Want to experience the adrenaline rushing thrill of rappel, but don't want to climb up the rock to get there? Then you will enjoy this option with a beautiful, inclined hike through beautiful lush forested jungle with our naturalist guides to the top of our 80 meter rock and experience the rappell of a lifetime down to the bottom. These options includes all the equipment and guidance experience necessary to make your adventure grand and unforgettable (rope, harnesses, helmets, certified climbing guides, certified wilderness first responder/medically trained guide, refreshments). Not included in price is climbing shoes and private transportation. *price depends on the tour


Let us put you in touch with some young and adventurous guides here in Panama. Their aim is to take you to the hidden/hard to reach places, but that is no small task. You must be physically fit, comfortable with camping and getting dirty/wet and adapting to the unknown. Their offers are aimed at travelers/backpackers and they only offer a 'specialty tours' once or twice a month.. If you fit the description, have the time to get into the far reaches and want more info, please let us know!

Panama off the beaten track

Veracruz Day Pass

Veracruz beach panama city
The pass would consist of meals, drinks, SUP class. When the tide is low you can walk all the way to the Island in front of the beach because of the natural bridge that gets exposed. Bar and Restaurant complete with: Beach Volley Ball, Ping pong table, Board games, Floaters for kids, Access to the beach, Stand Up Paddle boards.. We offer traditional Panamanian beach food: Fried corvina or fillet with plantains, Garlic clams, Ceviche, Chilled beer, Chicha de Raspadura, Traditional cocktails.. *price depends availability

Hydro Bikes and SUP rentals

Located on the 1st island of the Amador you can find some nice things to do with one of our friends and local tour providers.. *price depends on the tour

hydro bikes and SUP rental in Panama

The Tale of Two Cities

eock climbing and rappelling tour in panama

Casco Viejo and El Chorrillo. One a gem, the other a diamond in the rough. Victor takes you through the years of their coexisting history. His tour is not only immensely interesting it's humbling at the same time as uplifting and inspiring. Meet the main characters of this intriguing story, they offer good conversation, a friendly smile, a handshake.... El Chorrillo is a very special place, a birth place of many Champions. This is where Legends are born. Come see for yourself you will be surprised and enchanted. We invite you to come too and experience the real Panama not just the polished touristy side.

Photo: Volunteer helping Víctor Peretz with his Localinpty Kids Programme along side other wonderful volunteers every Wednesday to teach, the children of El Chorrillo, English using different methods (through activities, art, dance, music, yoga, etc.). I am inspired and moved by their plight.

Bird Watching on Pipeline Road

Panama is known to have some of the most diverse birdlife in the world. With the experience of specialist birding guides, you can have the unique opportunity to see some of natures finest feathered friends. With 520 species of bird life in the Soberania National park alone, this is an adventure you will never forget. Contact us for more.


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Full day BEER TOUR

Kayaking Lake Bayano . . for small groups

Group Bike Ride on a 14 seat Party Bike

Yoga Retreats and classes ...