Fort, Train and Canal Tour

Westin Playa Bonita - hotel for corporate tours

Duration:  8 hours

Explore Panama's Historic Railways, Forts and Canal

If you are into history and adventure then this is the perfect tour for you. We provide from your hotel and transport to the Panama Canal Railway, the longest continuously running trans-continental railway station in the world! Here you’ll enjoy the comforts and class of a 19th-Century cart as it travels parallel to the world famous Panama Canal, all the way to the other side of the continent!

Once your train adventure is complete, we pick you up and head to the new locks of the Canal, where you’ll have a chance to witness the massive post-Panamax ships pass through the new locks, which were just opened in 2016. To top it off, you’ll be able to learn about the history of the canal, viewing a quick movie and gazing at the massive ships floating by. We will then pass over the canal via ferry and travel to the San Lorenzo Fort. This fort which was founded in the 1500s, was created to protect the Spanish gold that used to pass through Panama, out of the River Chagres and into the Caribbean ocean. This is one of Panamas best kept secrets and a must see for any history buff.

The unique location is an absolutely perfect spot for taking unforgettable pictures, as the fort is overlooking the Caribbean Sea. From here we head back to Shelter Bay, where you’ll enjoy a nice lunch overlooking the majestic boats in the harbor. Then enjoy a the part of the trip across the istmus to Panama City.

  • Historic Panama Canal Railway
  • New Visitor Center at Gatun Locks Expansion site
  • Chagres National Park
  • Fort San Lorenzo
  • US Fort Sherman