Our Story

After running tours for other companies for 10 years, I decided to start my own tour company, BarefootPanama, here in Panama. Whether working in the wilds of Alaska or visiting pueblos in Latin America, I always felt the need for responsible tourism and practiced 3 simple guiding principles: realize that every destination is home for someone else, leave places as we would like to find them, and ensure the communities and the environment benefit from our visit.

Tourism is one of the most important and largest industries on the planet, employing millions.  Starting a company from the ground up gives me the opportunity to design tours and operate in a way that gives the highest degree of long-term economic benefit to the host country, whilst maintaining and/or improving the environment and environmental awareness.

Being socially conscious, minimizing negative effects on the environment and contributing to local communities are all ways Barefoot Panama will help keep Panama beautiful and ensure it remains a destination in the future.  We use local suppliers whenever possible, keep group sizes small so we don’t overload local infrastructure, and plan on long-term benefits for local communities.

Barefoot Panama will operate in a way that encourages positive cultural exchanges while practicing low and no impact tourism.  I encourage my clients to gain an insight into the culture and way of life of the indigenous, to act in a socially responsible way and to learn about the history, flora and fauna of this dynamic country and its people.

BarefootPanama is setting an example of sustainable tourism while providing clients with top quality adventure tours.