Lake Gatun

Panama’s Hidden Treasures

So here’s the situation, you have seen the panama canal, walked around casco antiguo and are amazed by the sudden rise in infrastructure, and then.. Your not too sure what else to do. What next? We have many people on our tours who always ask.. What else? Little do they know they have just scraped the surface of this amazing country….


Bayano Caves, heard of them? Read more..


Situated only 1 hour east of the city is an untouched paradise. Lake Bayano is home to one of the most interesting and unique caving experiences in the world. Thousands of years of erosion has caused a flowing passage through the middle of two massive rock faces. As you meander through a natural path you are faced with incredible scenes; from pitch black caverns with eerie dark pools (don’t worry you have a torch and a life jacket) to hanging vines leisurely swaying from massive trees hundreds of feet up. Everything in between is invaded by bright green foliage spewing from the caves’ crevices. The combination of the sounds of hundreds of birds above and the sun spilling leisurely through the slits in the ceiling creates a breathtaking scene. It’s not for the feint hearted. At one point you will be swimming in the inky waters with thousands of bats flying above you, whilst listening to the sound of cascading water dropping through the sides of the cavern. It is quite an unreal, slightly harrowing experience. Don’t be surprised if you see the odd green and black poison dart frog, or monkeys playing hundreds of feet up in the trees remember, your in natures playground.


Gamboa famous for its canal.. And Peacock Bass!


Whether it is your first time, or you a legend at the game, Gamboa’s river fishing will pleasantly surprise you.  The combination of the stunning views and the odd massive Panamax ships that stroll by gives a very contrasting but unique experience. Gamboa is more famous for its water systems being used as the main road of the canal. Yet few people know the scores of fish that reside beneath its waterline. The famous Peacock Bass is an evasive species that has fewer predators than its prey. We can guarantee every person on deck will  land a fish in one three hour sitting!This isn’t the only highlight,  marvel at natures portraits from your boat and don’t be too surprised if a behemoth vessel  lazily sways through your view.


Walk along the caldera of a massive dormant volcano.


The highlands of Panama is a different world in itself. You will be catapulted into a new world once you travel an hour and a half west of the city into the upper mountains of Panama. Welcome to El Valle de Anton, an ancient dormant volcano that has been overpowered by natures beauty. Now a silent retreat for retirees and locals alike, El Valle boasts a plethora of rainforest fauna, including rare animals such as the infamous Golden frog, or Rana Dorada. Actually El Valle is the only place in the world where you can find this enchanting yellow and black little guy. Barefoot Panama conducts a 3 hour hike along a part of the volcano’s ancient ridge known as La India Dormida or “sleeping Indian,” which looks like a lady lying with her face pointing up into the bright blue abyss. The pleasant walk has fantastic views of the placid village below, and an enchanting stroll through the area’s rainforest. Be careful not to trod on leaf-cutter ants whilst you gaze at the natural waterfalls cascading down the fertile land. El Valle is a memorable experience that will leave you feeling like your on the set of Avatar 2.


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